restoration day 13: another day with the trainer

today, i have been feeling really down – very low energy. i made it through my session a-okay. i would’ve benefited from running today to release some angst, but time kept slipping away from me. at it’s core, that’s an excuse. time didn’t slip away from me. time doesn’t slip away from anyone. we make choices about how we use our time. today, i chose to play a mindless game and watch tv for hours. i’ll make better choices next time.

i have been procrastinating about calling my dentist to send x-rays to my new dentist. i would like to say that i don’t know what that’s about, but that would be a lie. i do. it’s about not asking for what i want, even with the little things. i made the call and they are being emailed over. so simple. next step, schedule an appointment with the new dentist. hopefully, during the week i return from vacation. i would like to have my dental work completed by mid-july. i also read an article about a miscarriage on facebook and reflected about a friend’s family member’s sudden change in health and was reminded of the fragility of life.

i begin anew tomorrow.


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