restoration day 11: yoga

“you look so serious.”

that’s what my yoga teacher said to me. yikes. i was not expecting that. it was good practice tonight although i had to ask myself if i was getting worse! i’m not. the struggle to breathe is really interesting, but getting better. it seems like it should be so simple. tonight, the teacher incorporated lion’s breath and breath of joy into the practice. i felt such immediate relief after those breaths and i was breathing much easier afterwards. this woman is one of my favorite teachers and i’m considering making the studio i went to tonight my home after i exhaust all of my living social deals. oddly enough, it’s the first studio that i went to shortly after i arrived here.

in pursuit of my goal to be more social and make friends, i joined groups on i will admit i was incredibly skeptical, but a co-worker told me that she had good experiences when she first moved to the area. she stopped using it only because she kept running into her clients.  because i’m not in private practice yet, i’m not concerned about that happening. i joined a few groups (social, rock-climbing, a bucket list group and running group). i’m very excited about the rock climbing group –  they meet at a climbing wall every wednesday night! i rsvped for this wednesday.  could it be possible that i’m building a life here?

in other news, i found a living social deal for a gym that has body flow classes! i LOVE body flow and will likely join after the deal expires. body flow is a les mills program that is a combination of pilates, tai chi and yoga. i always leave feeling calmer and stronger. i’ll likely start going after i return from visiting the family. the summer is going by so quickly!


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