restoration day 9: learning + cooking

my kitchen is a disaster area. there are pieces of cabbage, carrots and potatoes strewn about and corn husk everywhere. i learned that contrary to my long held belief that cooking just isn’t for me that maybe i do enjoy the process of cooking. i am very proud of my finished product.   i made ethiopian cabbage, corn, cornbread and chicken nuggets. only one processed food – not bad.

i spent most of the day  (7 hours!) at a training, helping adult clients grow up: blend object relations perspectives into your therapies for “stuck” clients. i left energized and grateful for the opportunity to do such interesting work. i can’t wait to go into private practice here – (january 2013 or maybe this fall).

i haven’t meditated since i last posted about it earlier – need to get back on that. i received an email from my meditation group that was a reminder to renew that commitment.

i cooked hours ago – my kitchen is still a disaster and i’m okay with that.


2 thoughts on “restoration day 9: learning + cooking

  1. so proud of you sis for taking time to make a home-cooked meal! there’s nothing like it as you know. i used to be so afraid of cooking; most because i never felt enough confidence to pull off a great meal. but now, i do it all the time and feel a renewed sense of vigor each time i pull off a dish for the first time. oh and the boys love it! they’re my biggest fans 🙂 hope you can keep that up for as long as possible even once the school year begins…

    • thanks! i’m definitely working to make this an ongoing thing. i think i’m a baker in my heart (sweet tooth and all), but i need to make “real” food too. your food always looks delicious. please send me recipe suggestions!

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