restoration day 10: rest

i think i’m allergic to this state. for real. i have never dealt with allergies before until i moved here. i had a consistent headache for 3 weeks in march. not even exaggerating. it was alarming. i missed a lot of work because i could not function. i was so afraid that something was terribly wrong. when i finally got to the doctor, she told me to take 4 advil every 4 hours (this is safe??!?!), claritin-d, flonase and a nasal spray. people live like this? i’m truly sorry.

the plan was to go to yoga, but i woke up with a throbbing headache. moving made me nauseous, but it wasn’t quite a migraine.  i get those too. it’s awesome. i wanted to push through but decided to honor my body instead. i stayed in the bed for most of the day- okay, all day – watching tv, napping, cuddling and exploring the internet with my laptop, max.  my headache never quite went away, but everything was tolerable as long as i didn’t make any sudden movements or stand up. did i mention my headaches laugh at regular dosages of medication? i didn’t want to take a super dose so when it laughed (as usual)  i didn’t take more.

i felt somewhat guilty at the end of the day because i wasn’t more productive, but i got over that fairly quickly. i also wanted to go for a run, but that didn’t happen either. i have some concerns about how self-care will go this week because i’m traveling for a work conference for two (2) days at the end of the week and i will be home with family next week, which technically is self-care for me. i’ll stay present and worry about tomorrow when it arrives.


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