restoration day 8: yoga + workout

i went to a new studio today to redeem my living social deal before it expires. the practice was good, but i found myself immediately annoyed when the teacher didn’t acknowledge me when i entered the room or tell me what props i’d need. i had to stop myself because i realized i was about to let her derail my entire practice and attitude. it was the epitome of taking things personally. i have no idea what is going on in her life. i also noticed how impatient i was with others waiting to get cheesecake afterwards. this is not how i want to operate in the world. although, it’s not really surprising that my being impatient with myself would translate to others. point taken.

during the practice, i noticed myself engaging in comparison and being a little disappointed/critical when i wasn’t able to go into the poses as deeply as i wanted. i was able to meet that moment with compassion by reminding myself that it has been such a long time and getting excited about the process of improvement. this is a part of the journey that is going to make reaching my goals much sweeter.

a little before 9pm, i was (wasting time) on facebook and saw this picture and was inspired to go running.

like yoga, once i get back into it, i never understand why i stopped. i went to the fitness center in my complex. once i got to the fitness center, i lifted some weights, rode the bike for a few minutes (literally) and ran. i left feeling super inspired and strong. i am so grateful for this time.


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