restoration day 6: yoga (again)

i think i am building a yoga practice.  i’m in a different state for a professional development training and i sought out a yoga studio. that’s new behavior. it feels good to do something consistently even though it’s only been a few days.  i stopped by the local bookstore after class and found “50 best yoga positions” on clearance. i picked it up with the goal of developing a yoga routine that i can do when i return to work and don’t have the luxury of hopping from studio to studio.

i am becoming aware of just how disconnected i am from my breath. sometimes i’m not breathing through movements, which is the whole purpose. it’s so ironic that i frequently remind my clients to “breathe.” if you’re not breathing, oxygen isn’t getting to your brain and it will impair your ability to make good decisions and respond with a clear mind. lack of oxygen exacerbates all situations. i think i will take my own advice. we teach what we need to learn.

i planned to enjoy nature today – there are some beautiful waterfalls in the area – but the weather didn’t cooperate. the weather has been decidedly unsummerlike (is that a word?) in this region. lots of rain and chilly. it rained sporadically on my 2+ hour drive up. sometimes a light mist and at other times a torrential downpour. i never knew how many miles the downpour would last and then just like that it would be clear again. kinda like life.


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