restoration day 5: yoga + dishes

there is something comical about rushing to yoga class. my original intention was to go to a new studio (thanks, living social!), but i set my alarm for pm instead of am. oops. when i woke up, i went to a yoga fusion class instead – 15 minutes of yin yang yoga, 30 minutes of flow yoga and 15 minutes of restorative yoga. class continues to be a challenge in many ways. my abs are sore and i’m walking a little funny from yesterday.

i planned to go to a pilates class in the evening, but the schedule switched at the studio and the website had not been updated. i learned this AFTER i arrived. i also learned that my flexibility muscle needs to be strengthened in regards to this project. my initial reaction was “oh, man! i’m supposed to go to pilates today!” i stayed in that thought zone for a few minutes, reassessed and put things back into perspective. i reminded myself that the purpose of this project is to take care of myself, not beat myself up. it reminds me of what i already know, but frequently forget –  things happen and plans shift.  the trick is to be able to adjust accordingly (and quickly). in that moment, i came face to face with my own impatience towards myself. that is my pattern. i have very high expectations for myself and have a tendency to become critical when things don’t go according to my master plan. the spirit of this project is “i wonder what would happen if/how my life would shift if…” not “i have to do 60 days of self-care.”  i am actively working to be as flexible and gentle with myself as i am with my clients.

i am more committed than ever to eating less processed foods. i want to function at an optimal level in all areas of my life. i picked up peaches, strawberries, carrots, bananas, cabbage and grapes at the grocery store. i also cooked a meal tonight – three cheese penne pasta with chicken. this is a big deal for me; five guys, jake’s wayback burgers, papa johns and applebee’s are in  heavy rotation on my phone.

 i use my dishwasher faithfully as an expression of thanks to josephine cochran. i didn’t think that washing dishes would end up on a self-care list, but it did.  a few years ago, i read “peace is every step: the path of mindfulness in everyday life” and there is a section about washing dishes mindfully. i didn’t recall that section until after i washed my dishes and found that i was surprisingly relaxed – something about the water and repetition, i think. thich nhat hanh is on to something.


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