restoration day 4: the body knows (personal training + yoga)

the body knows and a session with a personal trainer will rat you out. it will divulge all of the secrets of your diet.

rice krispy treats.  that was my breakfast and then i skipped out, hopped in my car and headed over for a personal training session (courtesy of living social) at a local gym.  in my defense, i didn’t know that my session was actually scheduled for the morning. they told me i had to come in and schedule it, which is weird, but whatever.  after i received the tour, the manager told me that a trainer was available to see me at 10:30am.  i ignored my instincts (never a good idea) to schedule for another time and heard myself say, “great!” i observed the trainer finishing up with someone else and  i knew it was going to be trouble from that moment.  i grossly overestimated my fitness level.  the sessions are 30 minutes and i think i made it through 20 minutes before my body rebelled and i felt like i was going to be sick – literally. i wasn’t doing anything particularly strenuous either – crunches, leg lifts, and some other stuff.  apparently, one should have a proper dinner the night before and eat breakfast before attempting a full-on workout. the trainer said that would have made a significant difference in my performance. oh.

good nutrition is an overlooked but integral part of self-care. my diet has been a casualty of compassion fatigue. during the past year (or more if i’m completely honest), i fell into a predictable pattern – leave work late, come home, take shoes off, sit on couch, turn tv on and don’t move except for bathroom breaks, eat candy mindlessly and go to bed. repeat. when i did eat, it would be take-out pasta or chicken nuggets or pizza or cheeseburgers. not good. not healthy. i do not plan to give up cheeseburgers, pizza or pasta, but i do recognize that i will benefit from incorporating more fruits and vegetables into my diet.

i am also eliminating candy for the next two months. i have a notorious sweet tooth and this is no small feat. i eliminated candy from my diet over a year ago for a month and noticed changes in my ability to concentrate, clearer thinking and more stable moods. i haven’t had candy since memorial day. thankfully, it’s (almost) summer and there are lots of fruits to quell my desire for something sweet. my intention is to be more conscious about the foods that i put into my body.

i also went to a yoga class tonight. i always forget how much i love yoga until i go back to it.  practicing yoga highlights all of the areas that i struggle with off the mat.  yoga brings me face to face with my inner critic and my tendency to compare myself to others – essentially focusing on others to the exclusion of myself.  it encourages me to stay present and practice self-compassion as i listen to my body and honor the places that it is able to go (or not go) in each moment.


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