restoration day 2: meditation, sleep and walk

look what i found!

totally was not expecting to see ducks or this little brook when i went out for a walk.

after my afternoon siesta  (2 hours isn’t really a “nap”), i decided to go exploring. there isn’t a park nearby, but there are sidewalks and trees (!).  one of the goals of my restoration project is to spend more time outside. i feel compelled to share the story of how i found my apartment – it is a testament to trusting God and having faith.  i received my job offer in august and came to look at apartments shortly afterwards. i found a place that i really liked, but it didn’t work out. not a big deal in a theory. the weekend when i planned to return to search again, hurricane irene hit! that’s a big deal in theory and practice – especially because i was slated to begin my new position  after labor day.  i ended up finding an apartment (sight unseen) on the internet and worked with the leasing office. i only saw pictures of  the floor plan, the exterior of apartment building and the interiors of apartments that were not my model on the complex’s website. when i arrived, i was thrilled to see that this place is pretty fabulous. it’s huge, the layout is perfect and i have a large bathroom complete with garden tub.  more than that, there are trees everywhere – i love that.

i am becoming more and more aware that i hold my breath with alarmingly frequency, particularly when i’m anxious or when my inner critic is giving me a lashing. recognizing the importance of breath, i am intentionally building a meditation practice. i recently joined a concentration meditation group that meets once a month for five (5) months.  i am working towards meditating on a daily basis. i started today for 30 minutes. i was really proud of myself because i didn’t sneak a peak at the clock. this is a big deal – i’m low on patience these days.

i’ve practiced meditation in the past, but never consistently. yet, i remain convinced that if i can develop and stick with this practice that it will yield immeasurable benefits.  meditation is a lesson in staying present. it helps strengthen my ability to stay calm and centered, which translates to being more grounded off the mat. today’s meditation practice reminded me that each moment represents an opportunity to make a different choice. i simply made the choice to refocus on my breath when my thoughts became intrusive, instead of berating myself for not “doing it right.”  meditation is about not getting caught up in the stories that my mind tends to create. i can’t wait to see how my practice evolves over the next few months.


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